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May 2004
03/05/04 Fixed up the Link Directory so the sub pages are built properly.

April 2004
20/04/04 The All the Web and Altavista results for the various tools have been fixed now.
08/04/04 Congrats to the guy that found a PR7 domain with the Expired Domain Checker. Talking about expired domains, one of the sites in our directory has caught my interest recently. Recycled Traffic has just launched a large searchable database of expired domains which shows details such as traffic, link popularity and PageRank for each entry. They also list a number of secondary TLD's such as .biz, .cc and .ws that I've not seen on any other sites. They're offering access to their database at about half the price of other similar sites ($49.95 for 30 days currently), so I would recommend you give them a try.

March 2004
24/03/04 New Tool:
The IP Address Locator tool will give you the physical location of the computer that has been assigned the IP address you are looking for.

February 2004
22/02/04 If anyone fancies advertising their products/services on this site, we've recently lowered our advertising charges and added a few more options. Check out our advertising rates for more information.
20/02/04 Added the new Yahoo engine to the Search Engine Position Checker, Keyword Research Tool and the Link Popularity Checker.
17/02/04 The Link Popularity Checker should display Google and All the Web link counts properly now.
12/02/04 You should hopefully notice a speed increase in page rendering now. I managed to merge/prune a few of the mySQL queries for each page.
10/02/04 New Tool:
The Regional Proxy. This allows you to view web sites as if you were located in a particular country or region determined by yourself. This can be used to check what content is being shown to different countries. It can also help to see if IP-based redirects are working properly.
06/02/04 Whoever is using a site download tool to download all the pages on the site:

I'm gonna start agressively banning IPs that use such software.
02/02/04 Changed the default delimiter to a comma for the Meta Tag Generator, as it's only really Inktomi that looks at that tag any more and their published guidelines say to use a comma to seperate words.

Speaking of Inktomi, this is fast becoming a desirable index to rank highly in, what with MSN results and soon Yahoo results coming from it. If you're not in there and need to be, try taking a look at Priority Submit's services, as they offer guaranteed submission to Inktomi.

January 2004
23/01/04 Got rid of the reviews section, as there wasn't really much call for it.
16/01/04 The HTTP Header Viewer should be better at handling dynamic urls now.
08/01/04 All the tools should now work with Safari and other Mac browsers. Thanks to Duncan from Chirp Internet for the info.
05/01/04 Results from Excite should now be correct when using the Search Engine Position Checker.

December 2003
24/12/03 Merry Xmas to all WT users :)
02/12/03 Have you been screwed by the latest Google update? Perhaps what you need is to advertise on a PPC. Yixe is a new Meta Pay Per Click Search Engine, meaning that it displays search results from eight popular PPC search engines and from its own unique database. Give 'em a try.

November 2003
28/11/03 WebCeo has released a new FREE version of their excellent software that allows you to use virtually all of their tools gratis. Snag the download from here.
26/11/03 Right, we think all the layout issues with IE 5.5 have been rectified. Could someone drop us an email if there are still issues? Thanks :)
21/11/03 New Tool:
The Spam Block List Checker. This tool allows you to query a number of spam-block and server boycott lists with an IP address you specify to try and ascertain if the IP address is listed as a known spammer or an open mail relay.
20/11/03 SearchGuild has a cool new feature which I think has never been seen before on a forum - cached snapshots of pages. This means that when you refer to a page in a post you can make sure that a copy of it is always viewable. A great idea in my opinion.
19/11/03 New Tool:
The Expired Domain Name Checker. This tool will find any expired domains that are present in various web directory categories.
11/11/03 Our directory isn't filling up quite as quickly as was hoped. The web design and web hosting categories are filling up, but we need more submissions to the rest of the directory. Come on all you webmasters with webmaster-related sites, don't be shy :)
05/11/03 Tool Upgrade:
The Search Engine Position Checker has been upgraded and will check the first 50 results for your url.
03/11/03 The DNS Query Tool and the NSLookup Tool have been fixed. Thanks to Tony for the heads up :)

Added: We've also taken the opportunity to enhance the NSLookup Tool slightly.
03/11/03 New Tool:
The Domain Name Typo Generator. This tool will take a domain name you specify and create a list of likely mis-spellings and mis-typings for that domain. Ok, so not the greatest tool we've produced, but someone out there will find it useful ;)

October 2003
29/10/03 New Tool:
The MX Record Lookup Tool. This tool will attempt to find out the mail servers used by an email address you specify. This can be useful if you need to check an email's authenticity, or check who handles email for a certain address.

I think we need to do something with the site's navigation as it's becoming massive - any ideas?
28/10/03 Some people have been having problems viewing the new design properly - if it all looks messed up, try clicking your 'Refresh' or 'Reload' button on the browser as some seem to be cacheing the old css file. We have 2 new tools to add sometime this week :)
23/10/03 Well, here is *most* of the new design! It was decided to put it up now as otherwise it would never get done (loads of code for the backend of the site has been produced that we never planned, such as a content management system). There are still a few rough edges to clean off (the newsletter isn't working yet), but almost everything else is in place. We now have a link directory which needs some submissions - but there are sure to be a few people out there who will help with that ;)

New tools will be added in the very near future and will continue to be added as long as we have ideas to work with :)
07/10/03 We're still here :)
Just adding some finishing touches to the new design which should be up soon. Then comes the task of adding lots of new tools for you to use.

August 2003
07/08/03 We're now up and running properly again! If anyone out there sent us any mail over the last 4 days or so you may need to re-send it. This is not an excuse to spam us ;)
04/08/03 Grrr. We're experiencing email problems at the moment due to some brazilian hackers - thanks guys ~_~

July 2003
31/07/03 I've been looking at a few promotion packages to increase traffic when the site is relaunched, and I've come across and interesing variation in pay per click advertising from Sumantra Roy, whom you may have heard of before. Anyway, you can view the details here if you want to take a peek.
19/07/03 Happy Birthday! went live one year ago today... and for some reason in the last few days traffic has literally doubled!
09/07/03 New Tool:
I'm quite proud of this one... the mod_rewrite RewriteRule Generator. If you don't know what mod_rewrite is, it's an apache module that comes in very handy when you want the search engines to index your site's dynamic content. Click the link for more info.
03/07/03 All the tools should now work with dynamic urls as inputs :)

June 2003
25/06/03 Version 4 of WebCeo has just been launched. It's a suite of 8 programs that help in all sorts of ways with your marketing. If you take web promotion seriously, I can highly recommend that you try this product. They offer a free trial if you prefer to try before you buy.
17/06/03 And yet another couple of engines added to the Top PPC Bids Checker. Aren't I good to you?
10/06/03 Added a few more engines to the Top PPC Bids Checker.
03/06/03 New Tool:
The HTTP Header Viewer. This utility will show you the exact HTTP headers that a web server is sending with a HTTP response. I've also added a list of Mime Types to the site, as I thought someone out there may find them useful. I'm hoping to update the site with a better design in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled!

May 2003
27/05/03 New Tool:
The Top PPC Bids Checker. This tool will display the current bids for top positions on a number of PPC search engines for a keyword or phrase you specify.
20/05/03 Anyone who hasn't yet checked out Search Guild should give them a look. They've just undergone a striking facelift and theres loads of quality SEO information to be found there.
11/05/03 RIP Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson, founder of Virtual Promote and JimWorld has passed away after fighting congestive heart failure for many months.
Please visit his memorial site

April 2003
03/04/03 Made a few layout changes to the site. Hopefully you should notice a speed increase :)

March 2003
22/03/03 Finally got round to fixing the Search Engine Position Checker and Keyword Research Tool after many emails digging me in the ribs.

February 2003
03/02/03 New Tool:
Cron Generator Utility. This tool will produce the syntax you need to create cron jobs (scheduled tasks in unix/linux)

January 2003
31/01/03 Those of you interested in search engine optimisation should consider taking a look at a new forum devoted to the subject - Search Guild. It offers many interesting and unique features, and you might just see me helping out around the place :)

November 2002
20/11/02 New Tool:
Dreamweaver Code Cleaner. In a similar vein to the Frontpage Code Cleaner, this tool helps clean up the code produced by Macromedia Dreamweaver.
12/11/02 New Tool:
IPS Tag Checker is a webmaster utility for those wishing to transfer their domains from one provider to another.
10/11/02 Wow! Webmaster Toolkit was made 'Click of the Day' yesterday!

October 2002
04/10/02 The amount of reduction in filesize when using the Frontpage Code Cleaner now displays the correctly!
01/10/02 Made a few improvements to the Frontpage Code Cleaner. Please report any bugs.

September 2002
30/09/02 Added a Link to Us page with some HTML links on if anyone is thinking of linking to this site.
25/09/02 Moved the Frontpage Code Cleaner to the HTML Tools section.
24/09/02 New Tool:
Frontpage Code Cleaner. This little tool cleans a lot of the un-needed code created by Microsoft Frontpage from a specified web page. Thanks to jesbasementsystems from Search Engine Forums for sparking off the idea.
19/09/02 I did some tweaking to the the Link Checker to improve it's efficiency, and as a result have now upped the number of links it checks to 60. Enjoy!
12/09/02 New Tool:
The Websafe Colour Tool. Just a little tool to help you identify the nearest web-safe colour to any hex colour you input.

August 2002
19/08/02 New Tool:
The Web Page Analyser. A useful tool for quickly checking certain points of SEO practices.
09/08/02 Exterminated some bugs that were hiding in the Search Engine Position Checker (thanks Craig!). Also added the Teoma engine to the Keyword Research Tool and the Search Engine Position Checker.
05/08/02 Several improvements made to the Keyword Analysis Tool.
01/08/02 Minor cosmetic tweak for Opera browsers.

July 2002
29/07/02 2 New Tools:
Added the Link Checker and Link Extractor tools.
24/07/02 The Domain Name Generator has been vastly improved! Check it out and give it a try.
22/07/02 3 new Book Reviews added.
19/07/02 WiseNut engine added to the Keyword Research Tool and the Search Engine Position Checker.

00/00/00 This just in: SEO Elite has released over 500 SEO Elite review for their SEO product.

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