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7 Ways to Build Your Brand Through Social Media




While social media can suck up your time and be a drain on productivity, their addictiveness can help your brand gain notice and recognition. 

Having a dominant physical presence via events, conferences and public forums, as well as social media can be an influential form of brand activation and should not be ignored.

Maintaining multiple social media accounts for your brand can be time-consuming and challenging, but injects a personal touch to your brand and gives you control over your brand image. 

Companies large and small have dedicated employees to handle their online presence, so you should not feel pressured to do everything yourself.

If you want to use the power of social media to build and strengthen your brand, you can keep reading for some handy tips on how to do so.

Using the Right Networks

Social media platforms tend to occupy their own niche. Similarly, users go on multiple social media apps, each for a different purpose.

That said, you and your brand should be flexible in how you use social media. Choosing the right networks can maximise your brand visibility and improve your brand’s image. It can also determine the kind of content you post there.

Post Strategically

Take time to review shares and engagement on social media in order to determine which platforms are performing best.

Work smart, not necessarily hard. Posting frequently or even just regularly can help to keep the attention of your audience. However, posting too much can flood your audience with too much content, making them initiated to or annoyed by your posts. 

That said, you should still post often to keep your audience engaged. However, it is essential that you know your target demographic well and analyses your successful posts. 

This can help to determine when best to post and what kind of posts to use. Higher engagement will give your brand a positive image.

Do not worry if you cannot post consistently. Many social media apps allow you to make posts in advance and schedule them to be published at set times. 

Impart Information

Do not get so caught up with posting content to your social media page that you forget about the basics. Your “About” page should be completed and contain relevant information about your brand. Your vision, mission and goal should come after a clear statement of what your brand is. 

Your social media accounts should also be set up such that people, especially potential customers, can retrieve information quickly and without hassle. Changes in operating hours, stock renewals, promotion or what-have-you should all be found in your page.

Your social media strategy should consider link bait opportunities to further engage audiences and encourage click-through traffic to your site.

Links to your website and other social media accounts should be prominently featured too.

Relevant Content

Having a social media page does not mean that you have to create all of the content on your own. You can easily share or retweet posts from other accounts. However, be sure that these posts are relevant to your brand. 

Interesting posts that have nothing to do with your brand will only confuse your customers. Meanwhile, it is also essential to cultivate a feeling of community on your social media. 

Be sure to keep up with both local and international holidays and other celebrations that you should post wishes for online.

Style and Aesthetics

Your social media pages are an extension of your brand and an extension of your overall marketing strategy. Just as your local SEO efforts are more than just rankings, so too your social media marketing efforts are more than just branding. They are about increasing traffic, reputation and industry authority.

Therefore, the posts that you make should have their own style and be consistent throughout. Using templates will make this easier for you.

Stay away from making purely textual posts as they can be visually unappealing. Photos and videos are instrumental in catching your audience’s attention.

Engage Your Audience

The point of having social media for your brand is to engage with your audience. Merely posting is not enough. Reply to comments and private messages as soon as possible. 

Encourage your audience to post their own content, especially concerning your brand by using unique hashtags and providing exciting incentives.

Partner with Influencers

Word-of-mouth is vital in cultivating a positive image of your brand. However, some people’s opinions hold more weight than others. 

Knowing this, you should contact and partner with relevant influencers. Not only should you get them to share your content, but also have them create content that features your brand too. This will allow your brand to reach more people.

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Social Media

What is Social Media Marketing?




Today, it is impossible to escape the omnipresence of social media. It is one of the fastest growing trends of all times, and missing out of this is a cardinal marketing sin for your brand.

Social media marketing (SMM) is a process of gaining traction via social media platforms. It is the knack to create awareness about a brand, person, events or any other identity via relevant content & branding techniques social media platforms. Depending upon the platforms, the marketing strategies vary and are diverse.

How Do You Leverage Social Media Marketing?

One of the best things about social media marketing is the potential for organic growth. By creating engaging content, brands have the chance to reach out to the target audience who will share with their acquaintance and create a ring for marketing. Even if you don’t have the time to execute a plan, you can always opt for small social media marketing packages.

This is especially beneficial as people tend to buy from a trusted source.

SMM relies upon the concepts of Social Media Optimization (SMO) that is focused upon improving the brand image and visibility via the principles of SEO to attract unique visitors to social page and web page.

Active Promotion

Facebook can help you put up long-form content and market your brand in a multitude of ways. Twitter, on the other hand, packs a punch and helps create awareness regarding the brand via high impact but low content techniques.

Another platform that is extensively being used today is Instagram. With an installation record of almost a billion, Instagram is the canvas for marketing campaigns and boosts an image primarily via visual mediums like picture and videos along with brief space for content in form of ‘captions’.

Speaking about visuals, nothing beats the extensive video collaborating technique of YouTube. In fact, according to HubSpot, video content boosts conversion rate by 80% in comparison to the worded campaigns. This is a platform worth investing in.

Some of the other popular platforms are

  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Snapchat

Passive Promotion

This is a long tail approach that brands approach to build their links and credibility.

Via passive promotion, brands post a relevant blog, image or tweet that is connected to their concept and look up for customer engagement.

This trick is especially useful to analyze customer behaviour and make relevant changes to make the marketing campaign more relevant and customer oriented.

By bagging the right information, the marketing strategies find the right direction for their campaigns and also improve their existing modules to suit the requirement as well as demand better.

How Can Social Media Marketing Help Boost Your Business?

It is a million dollar question with a step-by-step approach.

In a nutshell, social media can help improve

  • Web Traffic
  • Lead Generations
  • Conversion
  • Marketing Campaigns & Brand Awareness
  • Customer Relationship

Following are the steps that you can adopt to ensure a great ROI for your marketing spends:

Engaging Content: Building up content is not exactly the way to go. You have to consider the attention that can or cannot come with this content and how well it is optimized as per the outlined marketing strategy. You can create content that is relevant to the brand and SEO as well as SMO compliant to have a chance at organic visibility.

Social Content: When venturing into social media, you have to be careful about the consistency. How much posting is too much or too little and what can be done to strike the balance. You can analyze the engagement rate with the content that you post and determine the frequency, and type of content that seems to be in demand.

Consistency: A consistent brand image is the need of the hour. With more than 70% of users resorting to their smartphones every minute the visual reminder is wonderful to keep the memory of the brand fresh.

However, one should tread the fine line between consistency and excessive posting. Consistency is important but repetition can harm your brand image.

The Essence Of Back Linking: Social media is also a great way to create a reinforcement for your branding image. You can direct the traffic to your brand by linking the articles, blogs or videos relevant to your brand and gain traction from other websites by posting the link on your content. This not only builds credibility and reliability but a chance for a barter deal as well, i.e, you can some links in return as well.

Competition Oriented Analytics

We spoke about the importance of customer analytics. However, it is equally important to apply the same propaganda to your competitions and keep an eye out on their means of marketing and SMM trends. You can check out their techniques. This will help you resolve your customer dilemma better and build new marketing strategies that will be unique and novel.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid social media marketing is a commercial approach to gaining traction via social media. It is, however, a cost-effective option to expand your reach. If done right, this can help push content out to the target audience at a bigger scale and get a more meaningful response.

Via this paid option, you can compartmentalize your budget as per the audience relevance and create marketing funnels to focus your investment in areas where you see a definitive growth.

Some Case Studies

Spotify India IPL Campaign: Here the brand leveraged the IPL fever by deploying their expertise in crafting 3 billion playlists.

Cleartrip Instagram Engagement: Cleartrip leveraged Instagram’s visual affinity and encouraged users to post their travel memories in exchange for goodies. This strategy unlocked the flow of high traction and engagement.


SMM is a novel marketing technique that can help organic as well as paid advertising of brand and bring it to limelight for the customers. To summarise, social media marketing:

  • Helps gain visibility via social media platforms.
  • Is one of the fastest ways to connect with customers and influence their buying psychology.
  • Relies on engaging and quality content for promotion.
  • Deploys analytics to understand customer behaviour and competition’s strategies.
  • Leverages the concept of backlinking.
  •  Relies heavily on consistent publishing.


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After El Paso, 8chan loses Cloudflare, and its founder calls for closure

Cam Potvin



Cloudflare – which provides services for many Internet sites – announced that it was terminating its contract with the 8chan forum, on which the author of the El Paso, Texas shootings had published a manifesto racist. In addition, Frederick Brennan, the founder of 8chan, called Sunday for the closing of the forum, with which he cut the bridges last December.

In a blog post, Cloudflare’s CEO, Matthew Prince, on Sunday called the forum – prized by extremists of all kinds (extreme right, masculinists, conspiracy …) – of hay-filled bottom because the site not moderate the contents.

8chan is one of more than 19 million Internet businesses that use Cloudflare’s services. We have just announced the end of our services at 8chan as of midnight today , Prince wrote.

The reason is simple: they proved that they did not respect any law, and this anarchy caused many tragic deaths. Even though 8chan may not have broken the law by refusing to moderate his community full of hatred, he has created an environment that is pleased to violate the spirit of the law.

On Monday morning, 8chan suffered sporadic disruptions of service. His administrator tweeted that he was migrating the forum to a new service after Cloudflare’s decision, which made 8chan vulnerable in terms of its IT security.

A Line crossed

According to Prince, Cloudfare did not make a decision lightly.

“We reluctantly tolerate content that we find reprehensible, but we do not accept platforms that have shown that they directly inspire tragic events and outlaw,” he wrote.”8chan has crossed this line.”

Shortly before the murderous shooting of El Paso on Saturday, the shooter, a white man identified by the media as Patrick Crusius, posted on 8chan a racist manifesto with regard to Hispanics and praising the massacre, in March, of 51 people in two mosques located in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The author of the Christchurch massacre had expressed his intentions on the political section of the 8chan forum. He then broadcast his attack live on Facebook Live for 17 minutes before the retransmission was disabled.

Close the site

On Sunday, 8chan’s founder, Frederick Brennan – who broke all links with the site – said it should be closed.

“As soon as I hear of a mass killing, I say to myself, “Well, we need to find out if there is a connection with 8chan,” Brennan told the New York Times=.

“Close the site,” he continued.

[8chan] does not bring anything good to the world. It is totally negative for everyone except for its users. And you know what? It is negative for them too. They just do not realize it.

Frederick Brennan

The site is currently managed from the Philippines by a US Army veteran, Jim Watkins.

A necessary measure, but not very effective

Ceasing to provide services to 8chan will not make the Internet safer or reduce hate online, Prince said.

Two years ago, after the death of a woman killed by a neo-Nazi woman during violent far-right protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017, Cloudflare stopped providing services to a neo-Nazi site. Daily Stormer.

Today, the Daily Stormer is always available and always disgusting. They boast of having more readers than ever before. They are no longer the problem of Cloudflare, but they remain the problem of the Internet, wrote Mr. Prince.

Unfortunately, the decision we make today will not solve the problem of online hate. It is almost certain that it will not even be able to chase 8chan off the Internet.

Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare

“But it’s the right thing to do. Online hate is a real problem,” he added.

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popular Youtuber dies paraglider crash

Aaron Maclean



Youtubor Grant Thompson, known for his YouTube channel The King of Random, was killed in a paragliding accident, his family said on social media.

Authorities said the 38-year-old man, followed by more than 11 million people on the platform with videos cumulating millions of views, had been missing since he had not returned home on Monday while paragliding in Utah.

The GPS he had on him was used to spot his body Tuesday night.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office reported on Facebook that the rescue had found paragliding equipment, as well as video recording equipment that could help to understand the circumstances of the accident.

“It is with great sadness that we inform everyone that Grant Thompson died last night,” the family wrote Tuesday on the Instagram page of King of Random.

On his YouTube channel, Thompson offered tutorials showing, for example, how to open a coconut without any tools – this video was published in 2016 was viewed 26 million times.

His most popular video was about how to make gummy candies in the shape of Legos.

Thompson had been making videos since 2010.

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