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In Context Links

In Context Links

If you have been following the SEO Blogs and forums lately, you have probably heard that the Google is saying they will become more proactive in their quest to find paid links. Many believe they have algorithms in place that don’t count links that are in blocks of 5 or 10 together at the footer or sidebar of a page. Google has even mentioned they may create a “paid link report form” where you could report sites that are selling or buying links.

Whether this is typical mis-information from Google or not, it seems to be having an affect on the type of ads people are selling. At LinkAdage, I am seeing more in-content links being offered. Presell Pages, Blog Posts, and mass article links are now being sold regularly in the text link auctions.

Another site,, is taking contextual text link ads to a whole new level. They have a patented system that allows webmasters to buy and sell text links directly in existing content. Need the keyword “widgets” linking back to your website? Go to LinkXL, log in, and search on “widgets”. You’ll get a list of pages that already have your targeted keyword in their text. Scan through the results and buy the ones you want and the keyword “widgets” will be converted into a natural link to your website.

The beauty of these links is that they are natural links in the body of existing, indexed web page text. If you want to buy or sell links, you no longer need to risk being tagged as a link buyer or seller because you are buying or selling links in the footer or sidebar of a website. With LinkXL the links are natural links in the middle of content. Isn’t that what the search engines want?

I don’t know if Google will be spending more time chasing down link buyers and sellers, but it is clear that natural HTML contextual links are the next step in the evolution of paid links.

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