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New Freshness Algorithm for Featured Snippets

Darren Rogers



Google has just put in production a new algorithm displaying more recent content in its “Featured Snippets” when it considers that the search requires it (request called “hot”) …
Google announced today the implementation of a new algorithm for its Featured Snippets for queries to search for “hot” content.

Google takes the example of a search on “tax brackets”, explaining that this type of request is rather intended to get the latest figures published and not those of previous years.

Of course, all searches do not necessarily require a “fresh” answer. All requests are not “hot” (news). The new algorithm therefore tries to detect “hot” requests by providing a Featured Snippet that is as up to date as possible, without affecting this criterion for “cold” requests that do not require freshness.

Nothing really new, because this concern has always been taken into account by the engine. This algorithm seems to be an evolution of the QDF system (Query Desserves Freshness) set up in 2007 and the Freshness Update of 2011, but more specifically adapted to the featured snippets.

The article does not say however whether this novelty has been implemented worldwide today or only in the United States at first. Anyway, it should quickly happen in our country if it is not already the case.

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Why is an important Website builder for your business?




Some programs to create free web pages need you to have previous knowledge of programming to be able to develop it. If you are the type of user who wants a web page without wasting much time, we are going to present the definition of site builders.

That is a site builder, it is an application that provides us with templates for websites that can be used to grant an attractive design without using other types of programs that are more complicated and need more dedication. If you want to become a website creator, now you can be a faster and easier way. Read more in-depth reviews here which is a site builder, will help you to have a website with a totally professional presentation and that you have made it without having knowledge of website design or programming. Builders will guarantee you the best website to generate more traffic.

If you want to know more about what they are site builders, we invite you to continue reading so that you begin to visualize the opportunity to use site builders to develop the website you want. The site builder concept will be presented below.

What is a site builder and what is it for?

So who is a site builder? It is a tool that will facilitate the creation of a website. Its platform is specially developed so that any user, with or without computer knowledge, can use it. The builder is ideal if you want to develop a blog, a digital portfolio, a service page, even if you want to create an online store. By definition site builder is nothing more than the opportunity to develop your website from scratch, without any complications. Using a constructor has its advantages:

  1. The builder is easy to use.
  2. The web page is set up quickly. You just have to choose a template from the builder and start developing.
  3. The user is not responsible for the maintenance, security or backup of the web.
  4. The costs are very significant in relation to the benefits of using a builder.

There are other applications that also help develop web pages, in addition to being site builders, we also have CMS.

What is a CMS and what is it for it is a content management system that also allows you to create all kinds of websites. The user has virtual control over the content and can design the template from scratch or using the default ones in the system. Some of the advantages of using a CMS are:

  1. They can be used for any type of web and all types of public.
  2. The user can use the CMS in a basic way or can design a new theme with original designs.
  3. The website and the URL belong to the user, who can modify it and transfer it to any other hosting of their choice.

The best CMS and the site builder are currently the most popular solutions for the development of a website. The use of any of these two tools will depend on the need you have with your website.

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Six tips to learn web development




Programming and web development have become some of the most demanded skills, with greater sources of employment and better pay in the workplace, which is why several people have been interested in learning them.

At present most of the startups are related to the world of technology, and in general, almost all businesses and companies need a site web, because the Internet is the primary way to locate information.

For this reason, it is logical that people capable of developing websites and web applications are highly sought after, since their skills are extremely beneficial for most companies.

In addition, there is so much demand and programming is such a practical skill, that there is not even a need for a degree in engineering or computer science, as long as you have the necessary knowledge and experience, and have a good portfolio to show.

These tips could make your way to learn web development easier:

  1. Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript

When you’re just starting to research web development, how to learn it and how to get a job, you’ll probably find several titles, such as Front end developer, Back end developer, Full stack developer, Dev ops engineer, and so on.

The most important thing is to know that a front end developer implements what the user sees and how it interacts with the site. This involves HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies, in addition to others such as Sass or React, but these have been created based on the three mentioned lines above.

On the other hand, a back end developer takes care of what the user does not see, therefore, it is on the server side. Things like databases, creation and management of accounts and other things. Many languages ​​and technologies can be used here, including JavaScript (most popular language on the web).

  1. Make sure you understand the basics

When we are starting to learn something and are excited about it, it is normal to want to learn how to do all those things that we like to do, such as our favorite web apps.

However, in an area like programming, making sure you really understand the basics of programming is extremely important, because we will know why we should do something to solve a problem.

  1. Follow a curriculum

The internet is full of resources to learn programming and web development, with excellent interactive tutorials, videos, articles, courses and books. But sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start and what to learn.

For this reason, it is worth looking for courses that focus on teaching the basic skills you need, and that follow a curriculum, as these courses will cover what you should know to get started, and will probably include projects that will allow you to do more meaningful things. .

  1. Complete projects

Most people with experience in programming and web development will advise completing the project. But this could be very intimidating for someone who is just beginning.

Resources like website builder focus on projects, so it is a great source to find out what to do, and it can be complemented with other resources that focus more on theory and syntax.

  1. Do not be overwhelmed by the choice of languages ​​and technologies

One of the most intimidating things about web development, especially in the JavaScript ecosystem, is the emergence of new technologies such as frameworks, libraries or APIs from time to time.

Web development is one of the areas of programming with more people working on it today, and for this reason people are constantly creating new tools to make the job easier.


But there is no need to learn each of these new technologies, even if you already have a lot of experience, because these are tools, and you should learn them when you really consider them necessary for what you are trying to do.

  1. Be patient and enjoy the way

Web programming and development are areas where there is a lot of knowledge and practice involved, and basically you decide when to stop learning, because there is always something new to learn.

There are many stories of people without any previous knowledge or experience in computing, who began to learn web development and programming and got a job after a few months or a few years.

It’s okay to want to get that dream job, but it’s also important to really enjoy what you’re doing and learning. Programming and web development allow you to create, express and improve your logic, which will allow you to do many exciting things and it is worth being patient.

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All about the Internalizing or Outsourcing Your SEO




Should we outsource Google’s SEO strategy this is a question that often arises among e-merchants for whom SEO is the main channel of acquisition. The success of your marketing strategy depends on it!

Your digital marketing team is performing but does it need a boost? Perhaps it’s time to call on a specialized SEO agency. In this guide, we answer your questions and you can visit the website to learn more.

Benefits of SEO

  • There are people looking for your products or services on search engines

There are more than 2 billion people online. 93% of online actions begin on a search engine. There are 40,000 searches every second and 3.5 billion searches a day. There are millions of opportunities for your business to end up on the search engines. One of the most important roles of SEO is because your customers use search engines every day.

  • SEO brings quality traffic

The traffic on the search engines is the best traffic. Why? Because people are really looking for the problem you are solving. You can “bring” traffic to your site. You do not have to “push” advertisements to persuade people to buy. The user who uses the search is already interested in your products and services. That’s why the SEO industry is worth $ 65 billion.

  • SEO Strength traffic is more likely to convert

SEO traffic is easier to convert than other sources of traffic. In fact, search traffics has the best conversion rates for the majority of websites. By positioning yourself on the search engines, you position your business to earn more conversions.

  • SEO increases sales and prospects

SEO is not a myth. You will increase your prospects and sales if you have a practical product or service. However, you must have to spend in the finest SEO strategy. With a persuasive SEO campaign, this business will be on the road to sophisticated conversions.

  • SEO can lower your cost per acquisition

Another advantage of SEO is it is cheaper than advertising to acquire customers. The only cost in SEO is the expenditures to hire an awesome SEO Company. Unless you have experience in coding websites and Google’s algorithms, you will need an SEO agency or agency to improve your rankings.

  • Referencing not involve any paid advertising

You do not need to advertise if you have a good SEO position. You can boost your website’s circulation without having to pay per click. An effective SEO strategy can help you reduce your advertising investment and invest in more effective areas.

  • A good SEO provides a promotion 24/7

SEO works 24/7. He is not sleeping. Your classifications do not evaporate overnight. You can boost your website-traffic 24/7, every day. Once you get high in the search engines, they will promote your business while you sleep.

  • SEO installs trust and credibility

People trust Google. They utilize it every day to find what they are looking for. By ranking up on search engines, your business will build trust and reliability with your viewers. In fact, 37% of clicks on search engines come about from the first natural list.

  • SEO is a long term Strong strategy

SEO is a long term strong strategy. Once you are in the top positions, you will get off hard. The only reason this would change is due to the rise of SEO competition or changes in Google’s algorithm.

  • SEO makes your customers more informed

Your customers use search engines to search. They use their findings to help them make informed decisions about the options available. The extraordinary SEO rankings allow you to train potential customers. This circuitously strengthens trust, but above all helps them make a knowledgeable decision.

  • SEO influences purchase decisions

SEO significantly encourages purchasing decisions. This is due to the trust and credibility developed as mentioned above.

  • SEO increases brand awareness and equity

Conversions aside, SEO will also strengthen the equity of your brand. In other words, SEO helps people become aware of your product. Awareness is important because visitors to your website are not always ready to buy. However, by being aware of your offers, they can buy in the near future.

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